Turizem Ljubljana, Managing Director

M.Sc. Petra Stušek

M.Sc. Petra Stušek is Managing Director of Ljubljana Tourism and re-elected President of the Board at European Cities Marketing, a non-profit organization improving the competitiveness and performance of city tourism destinations in Europe. Prior to this, she managed communications for the foreign and domestic public at Ljubljana Tourism, which she joined in 2002.

In recent years, her team has won several prestigious titles, such as the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow 2015 award, WTM Responsible Tourism Award 2017, Digital Tourism Think Tank Award, the Emerging Europe Tourism Campaign of the Year 2018 Award and ITB Best of Cities 2019 Award. Ljubljana also won in two categories of the European Capital of Smart Tourism - Sustainable Tourism in 2019 and Digitalisation in 2020.   

Ms Stušek holds a degree from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and has obtained a Master’s degree in Tourism and a second one in Sales from the School of Economics & Business, University of Ljubljana.
Privately, she is an avid runner, cyclist, climber and skier and, of course, a passionate traveller.